"Let Your Heartache Go" is from the HK album, Fate, and features violinist, Jessica Graff. This melodic bluegrass song is about overcoming the struggles of sorrow. 

Hayden Kaye 

Share this special moment with us from our wedding where we become united by song. We wrote the chorus of "Forever & Always" together and wrote our own verses separately. Our wedding day was the first time we heard this song all together.

Released on their one year wedding anniversary, this music video recaps Robert and Miranda's wedding day with their single, "It's Our Love." 

Hayden Kaye were musical guests on the Covington, KY based TV show, City Nights. This video showcases one of their fan favorite songs, "I've Got to Go."

The Hayden Kaye song, "Angel of Stone," is based on a true story, and this folk rock opera written and directed by HK features this story and other original Hayden Kaye music. Robert and Miranda integrate their music and theatrical training to create this musical performance.

The title track music video to Hayden Kaye's debut full-length album, Step Forth, was inspired by their mission trips to Seashore Mission community church in Biloxi, MS. This video offers inspiration to individuals who are trying to make their way out of homelessness.

​Take a journey with Hayden Kaye to the Mediterranean in this music video featuring Go-Pro footage from their honeymoon. "Peace" is a song about celebrating unconditional love and acceptance. ​

Hayden Kaye's self-titled EP features their single "In the Night" in this fantasy music video. This was their first official music video project.

Robert and Miranda were featured actors in Joe Wannabe and the Mad Man's Blues Band's music video, "Gasoline," for their debut album, No Way in Hell. They play the infamous criminal couple, Bonnie & Clyde.


"Crook" is a pop, blues ballad and is accompanied by captivating, sci-fi visuals in its music video. This song describes the frustration of ignorance in our world.