Hayden Kaye 


Robbie Tieman is an acoustic singer-songwriter born and raised in Northern Kentucky. He graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a double-major of Theatre Arts and Philosophy. He also received his Master of Arts in Teaching degree from Thomas More College. As a child, he began to play the guitar and developed his talent of songwriting. He has been performing for over a decade.

In 2011, his debut album, Robert Hayden Tieman, was released. It consists of psychedelic, rock ballads that tell the story of finding oneself and following your own light for guidance. His solo project continued in 2015 when he released his album, Love in Your Life. In this this pop album developed from stories of love, Robbie experiments with eclectic rhythms and catchy melodies. His most recent release is Instrumentals EP, which includes psychedelic folk songs and highlights instrumental versions of Robbie Tieman and Hayden Kaye singles. 

Robbie teaches Performing Arts and Music at St. Henry School in Erlanger, KY and directs their theatre program. He loves acting, directing, developing a theatre arts community that is rapidly growing.

One of his favorites memories is when he went on a mission trip to Africa where he performed songs at schools and orphanages. Robbie was inspired by the loving enthusiasm of the children there.