Hayden Kaye 

Folk Rock Duo 

Robert Hayden    Miranda Kaye   


Hayden Kaye is currently working with Soundlink Studio on their new album, Fate. This is set to be their most ambitious project yet and will be released on March 4th, 2017! 
Hayden Kaye collaborated with DJ Kyoti to create a remix of their song, Step Forth.  Click on the following link to listen to their unique creation:  "Step Forth Kyoti Remix"


The high-energy music created by Hayden Kaye is rooted in folk with country and rock influences. Their synchronized harmonies and raw acoustics reflect their passion for life and each other. Songwriting is a key component to this musical duo. Their organic approach toward music sets them apart in a unique way.

Hayden Kaye's members, Robert Hayden (vocals, guitar, harmonica) and Miranda Kaye (vocals, percussion, ukulele) write their songs in a variety of ways. They bring individual ideas together and build upon them to create a vast collection of original material. Hayden Kaye recorded their debut EP and music video in late 2012 for their single, "In the Night".  In August 2014, they released their full-length album, Step Forth along with a music video for the title track.


The album, Step Forth, shows how they have developed as artists and reflects themes of life, death, love, and forgiveness. They perform at many venues, events, and festivals across the country and appear on radio and television stations. Engaging their following and further building their career is what keeps Hayden Kaye moving forward. They have performed in concert with many great acts including Grammy nominated band, Gungor, and Country Hall of Famer, John Michael Montgomery.

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